Canadian Honey

Wildly Canadian™ 100% Canadian honey products are just the way that nature intended: natural and pure.  Every honey item in our pantry is non-pasteurized, allowing for all of nature's greatness to be maintained!

Each spoonful is packed with antioxidants, is a great energy booster and holds anti-bacterial properties! 

Use as a delicious natural sweetener in teas, cooking and baking, for natural home remedies, as a healthier alternative to refined sugars, and so much more!

Wildly Canadian Tips:

  • Try a spoonful of our flavoured honey in plain greek yogurt for a naturally sweetened, protein packed energy booster! 
  • Try our Wildly Canadian™Maple Honey on your salmon this BBQ season! Perfect when paired with our Wildly Seasoned Sweet and Smokey Salmon Rub!