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Wholesale Organic Steel Cut Oat (340g)

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Steel-cut oats are de-hulled whole oat groats that are cut into small chunks with steel blades… hence “steel-cut”.  Although steel-cut oats take longer to cook than rolled oats, you are rewarded with a thicker, heartier, chewier, more nuttier tasting bowl of goodness.  As with porridge made with rolled oats, the variations of steel-cut oats are limited only by your creativity.  Common toppings are fruit, ground flax, brown sugar, or maple syrup.

Although oats contain gliadin (a protein that contributes to the formation of gluten) we have many clients with gluten-sensitivities who are able to enjoy our oats.  Our oats are milled in a dedicated, oat-only facility, meaning that our oats are free of contamination from other high gluten products such as wheat.  However, we always recommend that you conduct you own trials to determine what foods are right for your specific condition and diet.

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