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Organic Sultana Raisins

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Wildly International™ Organic Sultana Raisins (also known as Thompson seedless) are soft and juicy with a rich amber colour and offer a much sweeter flavour than your most commonly used raisin. Perfect when added to trail mix, desserts, pastries, muffins and so much more!

Health benefits in every handful of Wildly International™ Organic Sultana Raisins:

  • Aid in healthy weight gain
  • Good source of thiamin and riboflavin 
  • Helps provide relief of constipation
  • Source of calcium, iron, copper, zinc and fluoride
  • Rich in potassium


Wildly International Tips:
  • Try a handful in your holiday stuffing! The sweet flavouring of sultana raisins pairs nicely with this savoury dish
  • Add to your favourite bran muffin recipe for an added boost of constipation relief